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you really don't want to know...

Reika 99 Yukina
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The evil plots of two Jrock Maniacs.


What exactly is Reika 99 Yukina? Good question. We're not going to tell you. This is the journal of Mrs. Hoodieman and Shou. We post our daring plots we plan to execute at various conventions throughout the year. This is a MODERATED MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY which means you have to be approved by us! We gotta know we can trust you and trust you not to squeal on whoever we plan on pranking. Also, all posts will be made by Mrs. Hoodieman and Shou so don't even try. We're the masterminds here. You can't compete with us. Nope.

We will stress this: we have the right to decline people access to our posts IF WE HAVE NOOOO FUCKING CLUE WHO YOU ARE. WHO ARE YOU RANDOM PEOPLE?

From now on, memberships will be invitational only.
meaning if we didn't invite you, you don't get in.

The Mods

Mrs. Hoodieman - Leader of the ring. Has the woman-balls to actually carry out daredevil missions.
Shou - Second banana and crazy plotter. Has the woman-balls to actually think up such ludicrous plots.

Why Join?

because we own your souls Well if you're looking for a good read and silly plots that don't involve Toshiya putting bunny ears and a tail on Kaoru (which would be pretty damn silly if you ask me), then you've come to the right place.


Weren't you reading?! Rules? Rules Shmules, there ARE no rules! Cause you can't post! Of course. There are a few guidelines we'd LIKE to follow, since we allow commenting <3
x. NO SPAMMING. We don't want to see lol dat wuz gr8 50 times in a row.
x. and speaking of that example comment up there, USE ENGLISH. Please. not all of us have time to sit here and decode 1337 or oBnOxIoUs tyPiNGg lYk dIz. oh and no sticky caps. PlEaSe.
x. If you have a suggestion for a wacky plot, please tell us! But that doesn't garauntee we're going to use it. Also, once a plot is used, credit for the idea is given to you, but we reserve the right to change any words or change the idea a little.
x. I just wanted to put another x, there isn't another rule...haha <3


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Dir en Grey is Duty Free!Love

because we like it like that

Please don't let Kyouka break his arm. again.
Idea inspired by the great hell_wonderland <3